“Suite For 20G” by James Taylor

Taylor and Peter Asher were promised $20,000 by Warner Bros for completing the Sweet Baby James album. Since the deadline for production was fast approaching, Taylor combined parts of the lyrics, melody and theme of three unfinished future songs to make this single suite. The title is said to have been coined by producer Peter Asher who felt it was the best phrase to describe why they wrote the track.

Basically, the track uses elements such as sunshine, rain, and the moon to depict his mood. It goes on to emphasize on his expectation to be free soon, while the song ends with Taylor describing how he will find comfort in hearing various musical instruments.

Suite for 20 G, written by James and produced by Peter Asher was released in February 1970 as the last track off the Sweet Baby James album (1970).

Birth of Song’s Title

The song is a combination of three uncompleted songs from James’ previous recordings. He recorded this song because he wanted one more song on his album in order to receive $20,000 from Warner Bros. Records. Explaining how they arrived at the title, Asher, who produced the song, said he, together with the singer, were extremely broke and were in dire need of the money but had to meet a deadline before they would be given the money. He said the title carries the reason behind the song.

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