“Supersonic” by Oasis

The history of Oasis’ “Supersonic” is that its entire writing and recording was completed within a timespan of 24 hours. In fact Noel Gallagher is said to have done so very-early in the morning with the intention of “writing a song in 10 minutes”. Indeed the speed at which he penned this tune may have attributed to its title.

But another interesting fact is that he was frequently high on illegal substances during this particular era of his music career. In other words he didn’t even attempt to write songs without such assistance back in the day.  And as such, both of the times that the word “supersonic” is mentioned in the lyrics is more or less as a euphemism for being stoned.

And with those factors in mind, listeners shouldn’t necessarily expect the entire lyrical content of this song to not make coherent sense. Rather it can be said to be something like a hodgepodge of different thoughts running through Noel’s brain. Or another way of looking at it is the colorful symbols used throughout are meant to be exactly that, entertaining, more so than adhering to a singular theme.

So basically, “Supersonic” is a quick hit song that was put together by a talented, albeit thoroughly-intoxicated, songwriter.

Lyrics of "Supersonic"

Facts about “Supersonic”

This was the first single that Oasis ever dropped. And it was done so, via Creation Records along with Epic Records, on 11 April 1994. Moreover it was featured on Oasis’s debut album, which was entitled “Definitely Maybe” and came out that same year. The “Definitely Maybe” album also produced Oasis super iconic track “Live Forever“.

“Supersonic” was also the first song Oasis ever performed live on British television. And this occurred on 18 March 1994.

Oasis created two different music videos for this song – one specifically for their home audience and the other for American consumption.

“Supersonic” also served as the subtitle for a documentary about Oasis that came out in 2016.

“Supersonic” was written by Noel Gallagher. He also co-produced it with the rest of Oasis and Mark Coyle.

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