“Surviving the Game” by Skillet

We can reasonably speculate, based on John Cooper’s explanation of this track, that this is one of those songs which was inspired by the coronavirus pandemic, although none of the lyrics directly point to such. 

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Instead the phrase “the game”, as utilized therein, can be considered as being synonymous with the serious hardships life may throw in one’s direction. And resultantly, this piece encapsulates an expression of confidence on the part of the vocalist that she will not let such challenges best her.

Also to note, being that Skillet is classified as a Christian band and all, there are a number of what can be deemed Biblical references scattered throughout the lyrics. However, the way such citations are made, such as vocalist stating the wherewithal to “walk through hell”, are in a manner that we commonly find throughout the music industry these days, Christian artist or no.

Skillet, "Surviving the Game" Lyrics


Skillet is a rock band from Memphis that specializes in Christian music. The group has been around since the mid-1990s, as led by vocalist John Cooper. 

Skillet’s lineup has fluctuated quite a bit throughout the years. In its current manifestation John is joined by the following:

  • his wife, rhythm guitarist Korey Cooper
  • drummer Jen Ledger (who serves as lead vocalist on Surviving the Games)
  • the band’s most recent addition (as of 2011), lead guitarist Seth Morrison

Skillet has experienced some notable success for a Christian act. For instance, 3 of their albums – 2009’s Awake, 2013’s Rise and 2016’s Unleashed – have made it onto the top 5 of the Billboard 200. And their biggest single to date has been Hero (2009), which went double-platinum.

“Surviving the Games”

Atlantic Records released this track on 15 September 2021 as the lead single from what will be Skillet’s 11th studio album, 2021’s Dominion. And the song was written by the Coopers alongside another set of relatives, Kane Churko and his dad, Kevin Churko. And it is also Kevin who produced Surviving the Game.

Surviving the Game

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    Boy if Jen is lead on this song, her voice has changed a lot.

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