“AfterLife” by Five Finger Death Punch 

“AfterLife” is yet another song in which we are met with the liberal use of what is generally considered to be religious terminology, such as the title and especially the way the word “heaven” is utilized in the chorus. Said terms tend to be such that we all know what they mean. But at the same time they have various understandings, thus making their usage, to some degree, an act of poetic ambiguity. 

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And when you couple that with the fact that the lyrics to “AfterLife” are non-specific, then it can become challenging to definitively ascertain what the vocalist is putting forth.

For instance, it is never specified who the addressee is supposed to be. But overall, what this piece reads like is a generally-critical message. Whom the vocalist seems to be more or less dissing, as most blatantly implied in the second verse, are the types of individuals who blindly go along with the flow. And the reason he possesses such a disposition is because he apparently perceives the powers that be as being less than ideal. 

In other words, what they advertise and promise in the name of securing your complacency isn’t the actual compensation you will receive in the end. 

Going back to the chorus, what the vocalist also seems to be putting forth is that he’s not the kind of person who puts his hope in outside, controlling entities. Instead he’s the type to take initiative in terms of making his own life better – or something like that.

So in summation, it’s as if what Five Finger Death Punch is saying is don’t be a gimp. Instead, people should be brave enough to lead their own lives instead of putting the onus on individuals who ultimately prove oppressive.

"AfterLife" Lyrics

Five Finger Death Punch

Five Finger Death Punch is a band of heavy metalist from Las Vegas. The band has been doing their thing as a unit since the mid-aughts. And they have been very successful, in that seven of the eight studio albums they’ve dropped thus far have scored within the top 10 of the Billboard 200. 


“AfterLife”, which Better Noise Music made public on 12 April 2022, is the lead single and title track to Death Punch’s ninth studio album.

The band as a unit is acknowledged as the writer of this song. However, additional, individual credit is given to the band’s lead vocalist, Ivan Moody. The other musicians who are currently holding down the brand are:

  • guitarist Zoltan Bathory
  • guitarist Andy James
  • drummer Charlie Engen
  • bassist Chris Kael

Five Finger Death Punch also produced this track, in that regard working alongside Kevin Churko, an accomplished behind-the-scenes’ man who they’ve been regularly collaborating with since 2009.


4 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

    Just another great catchy heavy hitting song from FFDP.

  2. Flatbed trucker. says:

    I love that metal has a lot to say politically recently.

  3. Anonymous says:

    it made me sad when i found out that the band ffdp were all devil worshipers

  4. Bill Right says:

    I understood it as political control, and time to make a stand to live life. Politicians and the power and control is death while breathing. Take control of your life and live or give over control of your own life and let them decide for you.

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