“Ta Fête” by Stromae

The title of this song “Ta Fête” is French. And it translates to “your party” in the English language. And accordingly Stromae does acknowledge the addressee’s desire to dance.  But at the same time, he is letting this person know that adopting such a carefree lifestyle will attract negative criticism from authority figures and others.

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Writing Credits

“Ta Fête” was written by Stromae, who also produced the track in conjunction with Thomas Azier.

Release Date

This song was released as the fourth single Stromae’s album “Racine Carrée” on 3 September 2013. In all, “Racine Carrée” produced 7 official singles, including the global hits “Papaoutai” and “Formidable“.

What genre of music is “Ta Fête”?

“Ta Fête” is indeed a dance-pop and electro house song.

Chart Success

This was number 1 hit in Stromae’s home country of Belgium. It was also a top-30 hit in France.

Are there any cover versions of this song?

Yes. For example, it was covered by a Swedish music group known as Dirty Loops in 2014.

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