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“Energy” by Beyoncé (ft. BEAM)

This song (“Energy”) isn’t the easiest to derive a thesis sentiment from, even as far as a Beyoncé outing goes. But first of all, it should be noted that this is a dance track. Owing to this, the...

Break My Soul

“Break My Soul” by Beyoncé

“Break My Soul” is a catchy dance song, but of course Beyoncé is also going to use the opportunity to get a pertinent message across. That message is “you won’t break (her) soul”. And whereas in...

Raising Hell

“Raising Hell” by Kesha (ft. Big Freedia)

In the modern era of pop music, musicians are relying on religious motifs to relay secular ideas. And from a lyrical perspective, what really makes Kesha’s “Raising Hell” standout is the heavy utilization of religious terminology...