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Whiskey Me Away

“Whiskey Me Away” by Jason Aldean

The title of this song (“Whiskey Me Away”) is a play on words of a popular term that actually goes whisk me away. Said expression, within the context of a narrative such as this, points to the...


“Aries” by Gorillaz (ft. Georgia & Peter Hook)

In “Aries”, the Gorillaz’ leader, Damon Albarn, is depicting himself as someone who is “isolated” away from the addressee. And despite the fact this track was dropped amidst the 2020 pandemic, where a billions of...

God's Country

Meaning of “God’s Country” by Blake Shelton

From a personal perspective, Blake Shelton is singing this song about his home state of Oklahoma.  However he also acknowledges that the track is designed to be open to interpretation by the audience.  Actually, Shelton sees...