Meaning of “God’s Country” by Blake Shelton

From a personal perspective, Blake Shelton is singing this song about his home state of Oklahoma.  However he also acknowledges that the track is designed to be open to interpretation by the audience.  Actually, Shelton sees everywhere as “God’s country”, and it is up to the listener to apply this attribute to anywhere he or she desires.

Throughout the verses you can see that “God’s country” is a challenging place to live. Life is not easy, and Shelton and his people eat by the sweat of their brow. Also although he owns the land, he does not perceive it as his own, as he acknowledges that rather it belongs to God.

In the chorus, he seems to give a special shoutout to the southern Dixie states of America (of which some consider Oklahoma a part of), particularly Georgia. In fact in the bridge he basically states that even if his eventual grave is unmarked, “God’s country” is where he wants to be buried. He also briefly yet affectionately brings up the subjects of baptism and dog hunting. 

God's Country lyrics

And overall, the track has somewhat of a pro-America sentiment to it – especially in a traditional, rural sense – which can also be deduced from the American flag present on the cover art for the track.

What has Blake Shelton said about “God’s Country”?

According to Shelton, for him, the song is about “being from Oklahoma” – his hometown. However, he said the song is open to interpretation. He believes that regardless of where you find yourself, you are in God’s Country.

Blake Shelton talks about the meaning of "God's Country"

Facts about “God’s Country”

  • Blake Shelton dropped “God’s Country” as a single on the 29th of March 2019.
  • Shelton did not write this song. It was written by Michael Hardy, with the support of the following songwriters: Jordan Schmidt and Devin Dawson.
  • The production of the song was done by Scott Hendricks alongside Scott Johnson.
  • The music clip for this single was directed by renowned music video director – Sophie Muller. The video was filmed in Oklahoma, Shelton’s hometown.
  • In 2019, the song was included on Rolling Stone magazine’s list of 10 Best Country, Americana Songs to Hear Now.

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6 Responses

  1. Todd says:

    What’s the meaning of “shine with the dogs running ” lyric?

    • SAP says:

      holy water and shine, shine referring to possibly vodka (little water in russian translation) and moonshine. hes being “baptised” (drinking). dogs running referring to watching either hunting dogs running about or his pets playing in the field.

  2. ? says:

    Or it just means he see God’s country everywhere around him because he talks about the devil not sticking around.

  3. Dave says:

    I see all the sites putting the word shine in the word shine inthe first phrase referring to moonshine. I always thought it went with the second phrase…shine, with the dogs running. This, referring to coon hunting at night with dogs and using bright lights to “shine” for coons. Guess we’ll never know!!

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