“Whiskey Me Away” by Jason Aldean

The title of this song (“Whiskey Me Away”) is a play on words of a popular term that actually goes whisk me away. Said expression, within the context of a narrative such as this, points to the concept of one being swept off of his or her feet, if you will. And accordingly the featured narrative revolves around the vocalist addressing a romantic interest whom he forms a profound, whiskey-assisted rapport with.

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Most of the lyrics read as if the addressee is someone whom the narrator is now becoming acquainted with. The clearest hint of such is relayed in the bridge, where Jason counts himself “lucky” for “(coming) through this long-lost highway town”, i.e. stumbling across a bar in some remote locality that serves as the setting of this song. 

More specifically, the reason he considers himself fortunate is because, as stated, he meets a lady there, and the two of them proceed to do some hard chillin’. And to reiterate, as implied by the title whiskey plays an important role in this story, as said intoxicant is loosening the two of them up not only socially but also romantically.

So basically, the singer and addressee two “lonely” souls who just happen to randomly cross paths, get boozed together and have a good time, ‘slow dancing’ and all. And in that regard the singer is may indeed count himself “lucky” in that it appears the pair may end up spending the night together.

Jason Aldean's "Whiskey Me Away" Lyrics

Jason Aldean

Jason Aldean is a country music singer from the southeastern United States who has experienced exceptional success on Billboard charts, even if he may not necessarily be a household name as far as mainstream musicians go. 

That is to say that with the exception of his debut joint all of the studio albums he has released thus far, from 2007’s “Relentless” up until 2021’s “Macon”, have placed without the top 10 of the Billboard 200, as well as faring even better on the organization’s Top Country Albums and Independent Albums charts.

Release Date of “Whiskey Me Away”

Apparently this track, which became public primarily via a label called Broken Bow on 3 December 2021, is the lead single from an album entitled “Georgia”. 

Or more specifically, as aforenoted Aldean’s most recent LP was “Macon”, and the forthcoming one is called “Georgia”.

So the two of them will be combined into a double album named “Macon”, “Georgia”, with said locality being the singer’s hometown.

“Whiskey Me Away” was written by another well-known country singer, Morgan Wallen, alongside the following:

  • Driver Williams
  • Jeff Hyde
  • Rodney Clawson 

And the producer of the track is Michael Knox.

Whiskey Me Away

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