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Halsey’s “Nightmare” Lyrics Meaning

The titular “nightmare” is indeed Halsey herself. Or put differently, the purpose of this track is to let the audience know that the singer has a bad side, which she has come to embrace. At...

Boy with Luv

“Boy With Luv” by BTS (Ft. Halsey)

This is clearly a love song in which BTS (supported by Halsey) are enamored by a romantic interest.  However, what the phrase “boy with luv” means is not forthrightly defined. But within the overall context...


Halsey’s “Castle” Lyrics Meaning

“Castle” serves two distinct yet related storytelling functions for Halsey. One is as the opening of her 2015 album, Badlands. That album is a look into Halsey’s innermost thoughts, specifically frustrations associated with many parts of her personal...