“Die 4 Me” by Halsey

The original “Die for Me”, which came out in 2019, is a song that Post Malone headlines, with Halsey and Future being featured artists. As the story goes that track actually originated with Halsey, who at first intended it to be a solo joint. Meanwhile, the associated demo has remained popular with her fandom throughout the years. 

You can view the lyrics, alternate interprations and sheet music for Die 4 Me's Halsey at Lyrics.org.

So now the songstress has decided to take said demo, extend it, interpolate it with “Die for Me” and officially released it on 23 February 2023 as its own full-fledged track which in this case is titled “Die 4 Me”.

To reiterate, this track relies on an interpolation of “Die for Me”, which was produced and co-written by Louis Bell, Happy Perez and Watt, with its other writers being Halsey, Post Malone, Future and Billy Walsh. 

All of those individuals are likewise credited on “Die 4 Me”. However, with the latter, hitmaker Benny Blanco, who is a regular collaborator of Halsey, also acted as a producer and writer. And just as a side note, the song’s music video was directed by Griffin de Stefano.

Who died for Who?

Actually, no one has died in this case. What the title is indicative of is a promise the addressee made to the vocalist to ‘die for her’. In other words, the two of them are former lovers. As implied, when they were the addressee ex was making such promises, which is another way of saying that he would do anything for her, even to the point of making the ultimate sacrifice.

But that didn’t prove to be so. Instead, this person “lied” and by the looks of things also cheated. And the way the story reads is as if at first the vocalist, despite being in her feelings, was able to take things in stride. 

But in-between now and then she has “(grown) into a savage” and as such is currently compelled to get some revenge. And the way her vengeance is manifested in this song is by calling out her ex, also letting him know in that process that she’s now sleeping with other people and “spilling all (their) secrets”. 

To make matters worse, Halsey is also able to celebrate having dropped a hit centered on their breakup with “sold 40,000,000 copies”.  So it’s like okay, Halsey was hurt at first, but now she’s winning.

Is “Die 4 Me” about a real-life Person?

To date, the biggest hit in Halsey’s (solo) discography is a 2018 track titled “Without Me“. In fact, quite interestingly, that song has just been certified diamond at the beginning of February 2023, i.e. just before this track was dropped. 

The reason that’s interesting to point out is because said piece did serve as Halsey’s “break-up note”, if you will, to G-Eazy, whom she dated for a year and who also currently stands as her best-known of all her boyfriends. 

No, “Without Me” did not sell 40,000,000 copies. But then again only three songs in industry history ever have, so that statement was obviously hyperbolic anyway. So putting all of this together, perhaps “Die 4 Me” was finally issued also in acknowledgement of “Without Me” going diamond.

“Said you’d take a bullet, told me you would die for me
I had a really bad feelin’ you’d be lyin’ to me
We were on the low, but you were gettin’ high with me
Learned a lesson when you showed a different side, I see
Said you’d die for me, you’d die for me, you’d die for me
But you lied to me, you lied to mе, you lied to me”

In Conclusion

All things considered, we have to conclude that if not nothing else, Halsey is referring to her past romance with G-Eazy in the second verse. Since they broke up she has gone on to date other people and even had a child. 

So whether or not the entirety of “Die 4 Me” is about said relationship is a matter of debate. But that particular verse was featured on the original “Die for Me” and was therefore apparently written within a year of Eazy and Halsey breaking up. So she probably doesn’t feel that vengeful towards him now but at the same time wasn’t compelled to modify the lyrics for this fresh outing.

Die 4 Me

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