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“Mine” by Kelly Clarkson

Atlantic Records released Kelly Clarkson’s “Mine” as a double A-side, along with a track titled “Me”, on 14 April 2023. In conjunction, they are serving as the lead singles from “Chemistry”, Kelly Clarkson’s 10th studio album overall...


Sia’s “Unstoppable” Lyrics Meaning

Sia’s “Unstoppable” has been defined by some as a female-empowerment song, even though the lyrics aren’t gender specific, though they can be easily interpreted as such.  In any event, what makes “Unstoppable” different from...

Broken Glass

“Broken Glass” by Sia 

This song speaks to a “young lovers’ romance” which the vocalist and addressee are in together. And the implied philosophy is that such romances are sometimes naturally marked by discontent, a reality which serves as...