Sia’s “Unstoppable” Lyrics Meaning

Sia’s “Unstoppable” has been defined by some as a female-empowerment song, even though the lyrics aren’t gender specific, though they can be easily interpreted as such. 

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In any event, what makes “Unstoppable” different from most other tracks of this nature that we have come across is that in this case the singer does admit that the “invincible” image she portrays is a façade, so to speak.

That is to say that yes, while out in public she does appear “powerful”, “confident” and so forth. But that does not mean that she actually feels that way internally. Instead, unlike the vigorous chorus, the verses rather reveal that the vocalist is akin to an emotional wreck. 

Or put more otherwise, when she is in her feelings, crying and all, she does so on the low and regularly. And this is despite the fact that she understands it being hard to develop genuine friendships when on the outside you’re always putting up a front.

So in terms of classifying this track, concluding that it is one of empowerment is accurate but also doesn’t do justice to the basis of what’s being put forth. So perhaps more accurately, “Unstoppable” can be defined as a song of resistance. 

And that’s because even though the singer feels like crap on the inside, she has resolved herself to rather display the opposite, as if she is undefeatable, when out in the world.

Lyrics of Sia's "Unstoppable"

When was “Unstoppable” released?

This song that came out on 21 January 2016. It originally served as a promotional single for an album Sia put out that year titled “This Is Acting”.

Said album is a product of RCA Records and a label called Monkey Puzzle. 

And “Unstoppable” was eventually released as a full-fledged single, over six years later, during the summer of 2022.  This was made possible by the fact that we are living in the information age, where tracks, long after their release dates, can still enjoy virality over time. 

In this instance it was not only TikTok which contributed to that reality but also the song’s usage in advertisements. For example, “Unstoppable” finally appeared on the Billboard Hot 100 in July of 2022 after being used to promote a Samsung device.

Success of “Unstoppable”

Upon first release, this tune did appear on music rankings in about 10 countries, including topping the Russia Airplay list. But then, between 2019 and 2022, it had a more notable showing, charting in nearly 20 nations. In the process, it reached the summit of the US Adult Top 40. 

Also to note, this track has achieved diamond status in France. That said, it is interesting to note that despite the success of this song, as of this writing, it apparently has not charted nor been certified in Sia’s homeland of Australia.

Chart Performance

In 2016, “Unstoppable” charted at #1 in Russia and #10 in Ukraine.

3 years later, between 2019-2022, this track was #33 on US Billboard Hot 100. It charted as a Top-10 hit in the following countries as well:



There is a remix of this song featuring Pusha T which Gillette used as part of its ad campaign for the 2016 Olympics.

Did Sia write “Unstoppable”?

Sia wrote this song with Chris Braide and produced it alongside Jesse Shatkin.


Notable Covers

  • Sri Lankan YouTuber Sandaru Sathsara. His version has also been a viral hit on TikTok.
  • The 6-member group LVNJ
  • American duo Citycreed
  • South Korean YouTuber JIAE
  • Norwegian band Frog Leap did a metal version of “Unstoppable”

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