“Broken Glass” by Sia 

This song speaks to a “young lovers’ romance” which the vocalist and addressee are in together. And the implied philosophy is that such romances are sometimes naturally marked by discontent, a reality which serves as the premise to the thesis sentiment. 

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The said sentiment would be that sweethearts getting into beef without each other is not the end of the world, or more specifically we can say in context not the end of a relationship. Instead, the vocalist is learned enough to realize that such tiffs are just passing. Or phrased alternatively, if you don’t pay too much attention to them, eventually they “too shall pass”.

And yes, Sia comes off as the type who may sometimes play naïve or ignorant in the name of perpetuating this romance. So it is clear that this relationship is one which the vocalist values. Or looking at the matter from the other side of the coin, “there are no winners” when true love dissolves. Therefore she is encouraging her lover not to “give up” when things get hard between the two of them. And likewise, she has committed herself to ‘not discard him like broken glass’.

Lyrics to Sia's "Broken Glass"

Release Date of “Broken Glass”

This track came out on 29 January 2016, being a part of Sai’s “This Is Acting”, which was her seventh  studio album. However, the song was premiered a couple of days prior to that, via BBC’s Zane Lowe.

This song was not released as a single, despite reportedly being one of Sia’s favorites from the aforementioned album.

Writing and Production

Sia, who is also known for her songwriting skills, penned this track with Jasper Leak and its producer, Jesse Shatkin. And the labels that made it public are RCA and Monkey Puzzle.

Broken Glass

Sia’s “This Is Acting” Album

“This Is Acting” is an album by Australian singer Sia. It was released in January of 2016 as her seventh studio album. On 21st of October, 2016, a deluxe edition of the album, which was updated with seven new tracks, was released.

Two record labels, Monkey Puzzle Records and RCA Records were responsible for the release of the album.

“This Is Acting” recorded sales of over 81,000 album equivalent units in its opening week, becoming the singer’s album with the highest first week sales in the US. By January of 2017, a total of 904,000 album equivalent units had been sold there. Worldwide sales of over 2 million copies were recorded as at August of 2017, earning it the following certifications in these countries:

  • US – Platinum
  • UK – Platinum
  • Italy – Platinum
  • Germany – Gold
  • France – 3x Platinum
  • Denmark – 2x Platinum
  • Canada – 2x Platinum
  • Australia – Gold

The album made it to the apex of the charts in a number of countries including Switzerland, Russia, Poland, Australia and Austria. Below is also how it performed on the official album charts of these countries:

  • US – 4
  • UK – 3
  • Canada – 2
  • New Zealand – 5
  • Spain – 4
  • Ireland – 5

A Grammy nomination for the award, “Best Pop Vocal Album” at the annual Grammy Awards in 2017 was one of many accolades the album received.

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