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Get Back

“Get Back” by The Beatles

Some have described The Beatles’ “Get Back” a song that is pretty incomprehensible from a lyrical standpoint. And actually that appears to be just about spot on. That is to say that the song doesn’t seem...

Damage Is Done by Y2k & JoJo

“Damage Is Done” by Y2k & JoJo

In “Damage is Done”, the narrator presents an unwavering approach to dealing with a broken relationship. Although there seems to be a plea from the other party to resolve issues, he is rather firm in...

Say So

“Say So” by PJ Morton (ft. JoJo)

One way of looking at the song “Say So” is as PJ Morton and JoJo portraying lovers in what can perhaps be defined as a complex romance. For instance, it is pretty clear, considering...