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“Runaway” by OneRepublic

The last single OneRepublic dropped prior to the release of “Runaway” on 26 May 2023 was 2022’s “I Ain’t Worried“, as part of the soundtrack to Top Gun: Maverick, and the song proved to be a notable international...

All Of It All

“All Of It All” by Lukas Graham

As can be readily gleaned, the title of this song (“All Of It All”) alludes to a concept along the lines of comprehensiveness. What Lukas is getting at in that regard is holistically appreciating...

Ghost Town

“Ghost Town” by Benson Boone

Most simply explained, “Ghost Town” is akin to a breakup song. But that noted, it is far more complex than your typical teenage love fare. Usually in such cases, we are dealt with either a...