“All Of It All” by Lukas Graham

As can be readily gleaned, the title of this song (“All Of It All”) alludes to a concept along the lines of comprehensiveness.

What Lukas is getting at in that regard is holistically appreciating romance, even the troubling or contentious aspects of such relationships which some people, such as Graham obviously, would argue are practically inevitable.

So what we are met with in the chorus is a vocalist acknowledging that both he and his partner, the addressee, have issues as far as peacefully perpetuating their romance. Yet and still, he values and is committed to their union. Or put otherwise, Lukas obviously isn’t the type to get bent out of shape when he and his significant other fight. And that’s because as he understands romance, such confrontations are bound to occur. And afterwards, they always make up anyway.

Or put otherwise, the vocalist and addressee may fight alright, but it’s obvious that they love each other nonetheless.  And going back to Lukas’s own words in describing this song, “love is love always”.  So his way of thinking is along the lines of romantic affection being of more significance that quarrels lovers may get into.

Lyrics for Lukas Graham's "All Of It All"
Date of ReleaseWriter(s)Producer(s)Album
18th Feb, 2022Lukas Forchhammer
Jake Torrey
Nolan Sipe
Brandon Beal
Markus Artved
Jeff “Gitty” Gitelman
“4 (The Pink Album)” (2023)

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