“Runaway” by OneRepublic

The last single OneRepublic dropped prior to the release of “Runaway” on 26 May 2023 was 2022’s “I Ain’t Worried“, as part of the soundtrack to Top Gun: Maverick, and the song proved to be a notable international hit. 

Interestingly there hasn’t been much press surrounding the issuance of “Runaway”, but it is being speculated at the time, by a number of outlets, that this track will be featured on one of the band’s forthcoming albums. 

And as for OneRepublic, it is a sextet made up of the following:

  • Ryan Tedder (frontman)
  • Drew Brown (guitarist)
  • Zach Filkins (guitarist)
  • Brent Kutzle (bassist)
  • Eddie Fisher (drummer)
  • Brian Willett (keyboardist)  

It is Tedder and Kutzle who are credited with writing this song alongside Benjamin Samama, Nolan Sipe and Johnny Simpson. And the producers of the track are Kutzle and Samama, in conjunction with John Nathaniel.

The Lyrics of “Runaway”

There are some intricacies found in this narrative, such as the singer, somewhat out of the blue, noting in the chorus that he’s his “own worst enemy”. But for the most part, the wording is centered on Ryan pressuring, if you will, the addressee into ‘running away’ with him.

As with songs we usually come across expressing such a sentiment/ideology, the logical implication is that said addressee would be the vocalist’s romantic interest. And what Ryan is letting her know is that he’s not the “easy as it goes, wait for miracles” type. 

“Can we just let go and run away?
Right now, lеt’s just run away
All that talk is killing me
One last shot, hold onto me (Oh)
Babе, I think we should run away
I’m my own worst enemy
Blue skies only miles away
One last shot, hold onto me (Oh)”

He’s impatient and being smitten here and now very much intends to fully act upon that feeling. And by the looks of things, the prospect of running away, i.e. venturing out into the world on their own, is something that he and his sweetheart entertain regularly.

So the vocalist is ready to make good on that idea. Indeed, what’s also being theoretically implied is Ryan being under the impression that if he and the addressee don’t make such a power-move, their relationship may end. Or at least that’s one way of interpreting what he means by instructing the addressee that they have “one last shot”.


A Personal Story

“This song reminds me of a personal story. My husband and I were both creative spirits trapped in a small town that didn’t appreciate our artistic aspirations. Our parents wanted them to pursue more ‘practical’ careers and were strongly against our union.

So one blessed day, we decided to run away to Los Angeles. It was challenging initially. We lived in a small apartment, juggling odd jobs, and trying to make our mark in the art scene. Luckily for us we survived the struggle. Today, we own a successful art gallery in the city.

Running away with your lover can be a truly exciting and enticing concept – one that is often associated with romantic adventure and to a strong degree rebellion against societal norms or expectations. It conjures up a powerful feeling of “you and me against the world” mentality.

While this can be super thrilling and exciting, it’s also important to consider the practical implications and potential challenges. Real life often differs greatly from romanticized narratives. It’s crucial to make sure any such decisions are made thoughtfully, taking into account the potential consequences and responsibilities.”

– Nancy Harding

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