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just like magic by Ariana Grande

“Just Like Magic” by Ariana Grande

“Just Like Magic” is Ariana Grande’s version of a braggadocious song. What it is based on is her overall success in life and the positivity she exhumes despite certain circumstances around her.  The way Ariana tells...

shut up by Ariana Grande

“Shut Up” by Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande is hands down one of the most-popular musicians in the world. For instance, every individual song she drops gets analyzed as if it were a single. And with that kind of fame also...

pov by Ariana Grande

“POV” by Ariana Grande

Given the general reputation of Ariana Grand’s Positions album as being mature-themed, it’s easy to presume that this song, based on its title, is about bedroom fun. After all POV (i.e. point-of-view) is actually a name given to a well-known...