“34+35” by Ariana Grande

The main reason this track has gotten major attention in the press is because it features Ariana Grande – a lady many of us watched grow up in a way – dropping perhaps the most sexually-explicit lyrics of her singing career. Indeed the title itself adds up to the number “69”, which of course is the name of a popular bedroom fun position, one which Ari-Chan admits in the outro that she “wants to” do with the addressee. 

And speaking of the addressee, the prevailing theory is that would be one Dalton Gomez, the dude whom Ariana is dating at the time of the release of this song. It has been put forth by at least one Grande insider that Dalton fulfills “her needs” and may in fact be the one. And underneath the singer’s explicit lyrics – well in the first verse at least – there is an expression of the desire on her part for the singer and her beau to be together for the long haul. But that is for the most part a fleeting sentiment. Rather the vocalist primarily comes off as, succinctly put, being quite an aroused babe. And accordingly she is more or less challenging her lover to provide her with an entire night’s worth of related excitement.

Facts about “34+35”

This track is from Ariana Grande’s sixth-standard album, Positions. It came out on 30 October 2020, via Republic Records, as part of said project as well as its second single.  The song was written by Grande alongside Stanaj, Scott Nicholson and its four producers, ProdByXavi, TBHits, Peter Lee Johnson and Mr. Franks. And two friends of Grande’s, Tayla Parx and Victoria Monét, wrote the bridge.

Grande first announced this track, via Twitter, on 24 October 2020. And she has admitted that she was “very nervous about” releasing “34+35”, apparently due to its strong sexual connotation. However, the singer apparently views it more as a humorous tune than a raunchy one.

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