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River of Time

The Judds’ “River of Time” Meaning

The “river of time”, as utilized in this song, can be taken as a metaphor pointing to how, as the years go by, the mind has the ability to push aside past pains and...

Guardian Angel

“Guardian Angels” by The Judds

The two main characters of The Judds’ “Guardian Angels”, “Elijah” and “Fannie”, were presumably the vocalist’s maternal great-grandparents and moreover individuals she never met personally.  Elijah was a small-time Kentucky farmer, and it was...

Give a Little Love

“Give a Little Love” by The Judds

“Give a Little Love” revolves around an argument or belief that The Judds are putting forth. The said belief is that no matter how wealthy, exotic and/or good-looking a man may be, there is no...