“Give a Little Love” by The Judds

“Give a Little Love” revolves around an argument or belief that The Judds are putting forth. The said belief is that no matter how wealthy, exotic and/or good-looking a man may be, there is no substitute in a romantic relationship for “a little love”.

This is something which the ladies apparently learned over time and additionally via the wisdom of their matriarch, that there’s no alternative to having a man who actually cares for you. So the vocalist likewise goes about advising the women in the audience that, when it comes to falling for a guy, the criteria should not be based on trivialities such as the way he looks or puppy love. Rather true love on his part, if you will, is the defining factor or whether or not the relationship will prove edifying.

The Judds' "Give a Little Love" Lyrics

Release of “Give a Little Love”

On June 6th, RCA Nashville and Curb Records released “Give a Little Love”. The song can be found on the duo’s first greatest hits album, titled “Greatest Hits”.

The album was released on 2nd August, 1988.


Paul Kennerley is the sole credited songwriter for this track. None of the members of The Judds contributed writing to this song.

Brent Maher produced it.

On the Charts

This track was a big hit for The Judds. It reached number 1 in Canada. And on the Billboard Hot Country Songs in the United States, it peaked at number 2.

Canadian RPM Country Tracks#1
US Billboard Hot Country Songs#2
Give a Little Love

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