The Judds’ “River of Time” Meaning

The “river of time”, as utilized in this song, can be taken as a metaphor pointing to how, as the years go by, the mind has the ability to push aside past pains and disappointments. In this case, such memory-based discomfort is founded in the vocalist having lost her significant other.

The implication is that for a time, indeed even in the present, coming to grips with the fact that their relationship is no more has proven particularly painful to Wynonna. But she is looking forward to getting better in the future, i.e. the “river of time”, let’s say slowly but surely, mitigating this agony. And along those lines she also philosophizes that life itself is ever changing, so you can’t get permanently bent out of shape when things don’t go your way.

The Judds' "River of Time" Lyrics

Did The Judds write “River of Time”?

Yes, this song was partly written by one half of the duo, the late Naomi Judd. She worked together with songwriter John Jarvis to compose this song.

When was this song released?

On the 9th of April, 1989, The Judds unveiled this song and made it commercially available globally. It was released as part of their fifth studio album of the same name via country music record label RCA Nashville.

The album was supported by a total of five solid singles. Some of the notable ones are listed below:


“River of Time” (the album) was awarded Gold certification in the US. In addition, it peaked at #51 on the Billboard 200.

River of Time

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