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“Despechá” by Rosalía

As explained by Rosalía, “Despechá” is one of those be-free-and-dance kinda songs. We have dealt with tunes of similar sentiment numerous times in the past, and the more memorable of such outings usually have some type...


“Hentai” by Rosalía

As implied by the title of this song, with hentai being an adult-oriented subgenre of Japanese anime which contains sexualized imagery, the lyrics are in fact sexual in nature. Presumably so is Motomami in whole, considering...


“SAOKO” by Rosalía

The title of this song (“SAOKO”) is reportedly an African term pointing to the concept of movement. And movement apparently is what the Puerto Rican colloquialism “saoco” is derived from. Accordingly, based on Rosalía’s own explanation,...