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Lil Peep

Meaning of “16 Lines” by Lil Peep

“16 Lines” highlights a chapter in Lil Peep’s life where he is mulling over a relationship he has with a woman he loves. And this romance is anything but ideal. For instance, Peep questions the loyalty...

Lil Peep

Meaning of “Broken Smile (My All)” by Lil Peep

“Broken Smile (My All)” is the title of a 2018 posthumous song from Lil Peep. Lyrically, this song finds Peep reflecting over his relationship with a former girlfriend of his who had a broken...

Lil Peep

Meaning of “Runaway” by Lil Peep

The track “Runaway” actually chronicles a notable period in the life of its writer and rapper, the late Lil Peep.  During this time of his that the young performer is reminiscing on, he made a pivotal decision in...