Meaning of “Broken Smile (My All)” by Lil Peep

“Broken Smile (My All)” is the title of a 2018 posthumous song from Lil Peep. Lyrically, this song finds Peep reflecting over his relationship with a former girlfriend of his who had a broken smile.

Peep, who apparently didn’t treat her well while they were together, now realizes that she was the one for him. He has realized he messed up by treating her badly. However, it’s too late. She’s gone for good. He wishes he could get a second chance to make her his again.

From the lyrics, it’s apparent that the root cause of the girl’s “broken smile” was as a result of Peep treating her badly.

Lyrics of "Broken Smile (My All)"

But what is a broken smile? Someone who smiles but deep down inside is sad-hearted could be said to be exhibiting this kind of smile. Such a person smiles to make people feel they are happy. However, they’re sad or grieving deep within them. This is exactly how the narrator’s (Peep’s) former girlfriend felt.

So in all, the lyrics of this song address the themes of lost love and sadness.


Facts about “Broken Smile (My All)”

  • Lil Peep co-penned this sad tune with his friend and longtime collaborator Smokeasac. The noted production and songwriting trio The Invisible Men also receive songwriting credits on this track. The trio consists of Jon Shave, George Astasio and Jason Pebworth.
  • Smokeasac produced this track in collaboration with The Invisible Men.
  • On November 9, Peep’s label made “Broken Smile” officially available for streaming and downloading all across the globe.
  • The chorus of “Broken Smile (My All)” samples a 2017 song by PatrickxBlue titled “Broken Smile”. That song featured Lil Peep.
  • Just like the song’s chorus, its intro was also taken from another song. The song from which the intro of “Broken Smile (My All)” was taken is Peep’s 2015 “UNBREAKABLE” collaboration with Craig Xen. On that song, Peep contributed only a single verse. And it’s this entire verse which was used as the intro for this posthumous track.
  • “Broken Smile (My All)” is the first track on Peep’s 2018 posthumous album Come Over When You’re Sober, Pt. 2. Having a length of 4 minutes and 40 seconds, it is the longest track on that album.
  • No accompanying music video was released along with this posthumous song.

Did Peep’s management release this track as a single?

No. Come Over When You’re Sober, Pt. 2 produced 5 singles. This track wasn’t one of them. Some of the singles from this album include “Life is Beautiful” and “Falling Down”. The latter also features the late rapper XXXTentacion.

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