Meaning of “Runaway” by Lil Peep

The track “Runaway” actually chronicles a notable period in the life of its writer and rapper, the late Lil Peep.  During this time of his that the young performer is reminiscing on, he made a pivotal decision in his life. What important decision did he make? He made the decision to leave his family and friends in the United States to travel across the ocean to London, England.

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While in the British capital, he made some of his most memorable music of his life with collaborators such as Smokeasac. The lyrics also highlight Lil Peep’s frustration with and negative perception of the relations, specifically his mother, he left behind in the States.

“Runaway from here
Everybody so fake”

Another major theme is the abuse of drugs to help him evade the emotional anxiety he is going through as a result of associating with these “fake” people.  The song also speaks of Peep’s continuing unsuccessful search for intimate love.

He ends the song by talking about running away from his mother and his many problems. He mentions running away from the latter multiple times.


Quick Facts about “Runaway”

  • “Runaway” was written by Lil Peep with production being handled by Los Angeles-based producer Smokeasac. The latter gained stardom for his numerous collaborations with Lil Peep.
  • On November 1, 2018, Lil Peep’s management officially released “Runaway”. It is the second single from Peep’s 2018 posthumous album Come Over When You’re Sober, Pt. 2. The track “Cry Alone” was the first single released from this album.
  • “Runaway” was released on Peep’s birthday (November 1). November 1st, 2018 would have marked the late rapper’s 22nd birthday.
  • Before the official release date of “Runaway”, it was mistakenly posted online (on the official SoundCloud account of Peep). This was on June 14, 2017. However, it was taken down moments after the mistake.

Does “Runaway” have a music video?

Yes. Peep’s label released the track alongside an official music video. The song’s clip was co-directed by Peep’s own mother Liza Womack and Steven Mertens. The latter is a professional music video director and animator. Throughout his career as a director, he has worked with a number of noted artists. Some of these names include The Chainsmokers and Jessie Baylin. Below is the music video for “Runaway”:

The clip above begins with Womack’s heartfelt dedication to her deceased son (Lil Peep). The dedication reads as follows:

Liza WomackFYI: Lil Peep’s real name was Gustav Elijah Åhr. He was also affectionately called just “Gus” by his friends and family.

Was the song’s music video filmed before Peep’s death?

No. The clip is mainly made up of old videos of Peep. These old videos are merged with animation created by Steven Mertens.


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