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Ariana Grande

“Needy” by Ariana Grande

“Needy” is a song that focuses on Ariana’s own personal insecurities. In other words, she forthrightly expresses a need for emotional support. For instance, Grande begins the song by detailing how dependent she is on what appears...

Ariana Grande

Meaning of “Fake Smile” by Ariana Grande

“Fake Smile” has Ariana Grande dealing with situations that are part and parcel to her being a mega-celebrity. For instance, she may be compelled to appear happy in public, while internally her emotions are in...

Ariana Grande

Meaning of “Bloodline” by Ariana Grande

In “Bloodline”, Ariana Grande sings from the perspective of someone participating in a very intimate romance. Though this person is very much enjoying the experience, she is not really looking for a long-term relationship. Ariana is...