Meaning of “Bloodline” by Ariana Grande

In “Bloodline”, Ariana Grande sings from the perspective of someone participating in a very intimate romance. Though this person is very much enjoying the experience, she is not really looking for a long-term relationship.

Ariana is known for speaking about her personal experiences through her music.  However in “Bloodline”, it is not clear whether she is talking about herself or speaking from the standpoint of a person who may be in this situation in general. Yet public speculation has concluded that she is indeed referencing comedian Pete Davidson, whom she dated, got engaged to and broke up with within the span of six months. And all of that happened within a year before the release of this song.

In this track, Ariana acknowledges from the jump that the apple of her eye is ‘bad for her’. Yet that doesn’t deter her from being interested in a chance at romance. And indeed there is a high level of passion between them. However, she believes that this guy doesn’t love her but is rather vested in the relationship “just for show”. This is perhaps the most-overt indication that Ariana is talking about herself, as the average person doesn’t have to deal with situations like a person being attracted to them for fame.

However, Ariana’s interest in the relationship is also superficial. In other words, she just “wanna have a good time” and doesn’t want this dude ‘in her bloodline’. And she firmly states that while the romance may be a thrill, at some point the other person is going to have to deal with the reality of going his separate way, as in her commitment is minimal, and the union will ultimately be terminated.

Lyrics of Bloodline
Lyrics from the song’s chorus.

What Ariana Grande has said about “Bloodline”

On January 23, 2019 (days before the track’s release), Ariana briefly explained what “Bloodline” is about. According to her, it is about wanting to be in a romantic relationship with someone but not loving them so much as to want to “have them in your bloodline”. She revealed this on Twitter when asked by a fan what the song was all about. Here are Ariana’s tweet regarding this song’s meaning:

Ariana Grande talks about what "Bloodline" is about.

Facts about “Bloodline”

  • Writer(s): This song was written by Ilya Salmanzadeh, Max Martin and Savan Kotecha, with Ariana Grande also contributing to its composition.
  • Producer(s): The track was also produced by the multi-talented Max Martin. He handled the track’s production alone.
  • Album/EP: This is the fourth track from Ariana’s 2018 album thank u, next.
  • Release Date: The release date for “Bloodline” was 8 February 2019.
  • Record Label: This track was released by Republic Records.
  • Interesting Stuff: The intro of this song is recited by none other than Ariana’s maternal grandmother, Marjorie Grande aka “Nonna”. According to Ariana, Marjorie is one of her greatest role models.
Ariana Grande and Marjorie Grande
A photo of Marjorie Grande and Ariana Grande. Ariana considers her grandmother one of her biggest heroes.

Did Ariana Grande release “Bloodline” as a single from her Thank U, Next album?

No. The only singles she released from this album are as follows:

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