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“Acquainted” by The Weeknd

On this song, The Weeknd is expressing his happiness with being “acquainted” with a certain lady, who is also the addressee. And of course she would be someone whom he is romantically involved with. But...


“Often” by The Weeknd

We recognize The Weeknd as an artist who is unapologetic in terms of reveling in his party-like, promiscuous, drug-fueled lifestyle. And “Often” gets those points across more effectively than many of his other tunes, as...

Wasted Times by The Weeknd

“Wasted Times” by The Weeknd

On “Wasted Times”, the singer (The Weeknd) is addressing his ex-girlfriend. Yes, they had a tumultuous relationship. But even now after going their separate ways, he can’t get over her. Thus the title points to his conclusion...