“Talk That Talk” by TWICE

“Talk That Talk” is the kind of, shall we say simplistic love song that female K-pop acts like Twice tend to drop from time to time. Tracks that are overtly romantic, as this one more or less is, appear to be sort of a new phenomenon in the K-pop industry. And even labeling this one overtly romantic, even though for example the vocalist refers to the addressee as “baby”, can be considered a stretch, since there isn’t anything directly amorous being put forth. For instance, telling someone to ‘hold me and say it sweetly’ or “I love you” isn’t exactly what we would call sexual language.

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Lyrics of “Talk That Talk”

That said, it’s pretty obvious what’s going down here. In encouraging the addressee to “talk that talk”, what the vocalist is actually saying to her romantic interest, basically, is that he should “stop beating around the bush” and make his move already. Indeed this song is very much similar in sentiment to IVE’s “After Like“, which was released just a few days earlier. 

So maybe South Korean culture is such that dudes don’t go around just shooting their shots like that.

If a guy is intimidated to romantically move forward with a girl who obviously has a mutual interest, what it is exactly that’s intimidating him can range from a number of different things. But these kinds of songs give the impression that maybe Korean society is one in which males really want to make sure a lady is interested before fully stepping to her.

In other words in tracks like “Talk That Talk”, what it reads like is maybe the apple of the vocalist’s eye doesn’t want to offend her by coming on too strong. But in this case, if nothing else said vocalist appears to be a lady who enjoys having sweet nothings being whispered in her ear. 

Accordingly she doesn’t seem to be interested any longer in general, friend-zone conversations with the addressee. Instead she wants him to, most simply put, man up and make his move.

Lyrics of TWICE's "Talk That Talk"

When did TWICE release this song?

This track came out on 26 August 2022 as part of “Between 1&2”, an EP Twice put out via JYP Entertainment, i.e. the group’s label since day one. 


This song was written by Danke, Collapsedone and another artist known as Like.

Talk That Talk

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