“Cry for Me” by TWICE

TWICE’s “Cry for Me” finds the narrator addressing a romantic interest. Apparently, the two of them have already broken up. But whereas she, the Speaker, has experienced a fair share of resultant heartbreak, he doesn’t seem to have any adverse reactions to their separation at all. So basically, what she is telling him is that she wants to see him display some emotion, i.e. ‘cry for her’. And the conclusive feelings being relayed are that she still loves him and wants him to express a similar sentiment towards her.

You can view the lyrics, alternate interprations and sheet music for TWICE's Cry for Me at Lyrics.org.

This track blew up after Twice premiered it at the MNET Asian Music Awards on 6 December 2020. At the time, there was no public knowledge of “Cry for Me” or its eventual release date. In fact one member of the band, Nayeon, even implied that it may never be digitally released. Accordingly at the time, the only version of the song available for fans to listen to is in fact the one recorded from the abovementioned performance.

The writers of “Cry for Me” are Heize and J.Y. Park. And the track was produced by Lindgren Schulz.


3 Responses

  1. lOLie says:

    It sucks big time, after Jihyo and Daniel’s break up NOW THIS— a break up song…

  2. Jeongyeon Stan says:

    I feel like the song could also be about domestic violence/abuse. Bc the line about the friends, walls crashing down, excuses, and the narrator defending the other.

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