“Kura Kura” by Twice

The title of this track (“Kura Kura”), translated from Japanese, actually reads something like “dizzy dizzy”. And Twice are making this statement in a romantic context. Or let’s say what actually has the vocalist “dizzy” is her love for the addressee. 

And all of this of course is a fancy way of saying that she is thoroughly smitten. And all of that is yet another fancy way of saying that sentiment-wise the lyrics read like your standard love song, with an extra touch of emotional helplessness on behalf of the vocalist.

For instance the intro features the singer putting forth that she has “lost control of (her) heart and soul”. And she goes on to elaborate that this is caused by “unexplainable emotions” which populate her mind on a 24-hour basis. 

And yes, said emotions may be unexplainable in the sense of her not knowing exactly where they came from. In other words, this would apparently be the first time she has fallen head over heels for someone in such a manner. But of course we already know exactly what emotion she is dealing with.

And no, the word love is never actually mentioned in the lyrics. Instead, concerning the aforementioned “dizzy” analogy, the vocalist basically equates the way she is feeling to “sweet magic” and even more colorfully getting “absorbed into an entirety”. 

You know, it’s like the task invariably at hand when dropping a spanking-new love song is to relay the same timeless sentiments in as fresh of a manner as possible. 

So in this case, we have the featured vocalist being stricken by a related condition which she basically equates with an uncontrollable ‘dizziness’. And as to be expected she is likewise hoping that the addressee, i.e. the guy she has these feelings for, also feels the same about her. And by the looks of things such may already be the case, as they appear to share that type of rapport which is indicative of the early, euphoric stage of romance.

So in a saner, non-dizziness sense, it is perhaps the song’s post-chorus which best encapsulates its thesis sentiment. The lady at hand has found herself in a situation whereas she is “restless” pertaining to a romance she is in. That’s another way of saying that her sweetheart is pretty much all that’s on her mind. 

Anyone who’s ever actually been there knows exactly what she’s talking about.  And yes, perhaps “dizzy” would be an ample word in terms of describing being freshly in love with someone.

Lyrics for "Kura Kura"

Facts about “Kura Kura” and Twice

Twice is a girl group from South Korea who has been around since 2015. Concurrently with this track being released on 21 April 2021, they are nine-ladies’ deep. And the group’s lineup, in alphabetical order, consists of:

  • Chaeyoung
  • Dahyun
  • Jeongyeon
  • Jihyo
  • Mina
  • Momo
  • Nayeon
  • Sana
  • Tzuyu
"Kura Kura"

As of the release of this track, Twice may not be as well known internationally as, say, BTS and Blackpink, though they are on their way there. But either way, in the first five years or so of their existence, they have established themselves as stars in their own respective part of the world. 

And as such big K-pop acts tend to do, they also drop songs catered for the Japanese market, with the prosperous Land of the Rising Sun being just a stone’s throw away. In fact as far as their discography goes, Twice has already dropped two full-length Japanese albums, BDZ (2018) and Twice (2019). And “Kura Kura” is also in Japanese, being issued with a B-side entitled “Strawberry Moon”.

Twice first teased this track on 6 March 2021. They did so in the aftermath of an online concert they held which was entitled Twice in Wonderland.

The music video to this song was uploaded onto YouTube via the channel Twice Japan Official on 20 April 2021. And as of 23 April it has attracted over 3,500,000 views. That means that concurrent with its release, it is garnering approximately 1,000,000 views per day.

“Kura Kura” was authored by Yuki Kokubo and regular twice collaborator J.Y. Park.  And the producer of the track is UTA, a musician who has made a name for himself working alongside K-pop megastars BTS.

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  1. hayle says:

    i think music video meaning about something with Jeongyeon is stuck in the box because she can’t get out and also with Momo and MIna is somewhere and also with dahyun they are tired of the word is dizzy part saying they are dizzy enough throughout the music video to me

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