Taylor Swift’s “Closure” Lyrics Meaning

It’s easy to conclude that “Closure” is addressed to one of Swift’s exes especially considering that, as we have pointed out in the past, dropping songs about past romances is one of her most-renowned subject matters. And some analysts have gone as far as to even suggest that this track may be about pop superstar Harry Styles, whom Miss Swift dated almost 10 years prior and has already allegedly written a few songs about. 

However another, seemingly more-plausible theory in this case is that the singer is not addressing a romantic interest at all. Rather it would be one Scooter Braun, a music executive whom Tay Tay got into some serious beef with, indeed not even a month before “Closure” came out. 

And in fact in studying the lyrics of the song, there is no wording pointing specifically to the concept of romance. Rather whom she is singing to is implicitly some type of close associate who had done her wrong. So now this individual is trying to make amends, i.e. bring closure to the discontent between the two of them. However, what the singer is telling the addressee is that she is not interested in burying the hatchet. And this is not to imply that she intends to fight with him forevermore. Rather she has already made up her mind that she is not going to forgive this person. So basically what she is telling him or her is to move on and leave her alone.

Taylor Swift wrote “Closure” in conjunction with Aaron Dessner, one of the co-producers of the track. And the other co-producers are James McAlister and BJ Burton.

This song can be found on Taylor’s ninth-studio album, “Evermore”. This is a project which RCA Records released as a surprise in December 2020.

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