Meaning of “Blank Space” by Taylor Swift

Blank Space is a Grammy Award nominated song by famed American singer Taylor Swift. The lyrics of the song deal in a satirical way with the press’ obsession with Taylor Swift’s romantic relationships. According to Swift, she wrote the song in response to the media’s perception of her as a serial dater who writes songs as a way to achieve some sort of “emotional revenge” on her former boyfriends. She said initially she found the media’s perception of her romantic life hurtful, but as time went on, it began to seem hilarious to her and eventually led to the birth of the song Blank Space.Blank Space lyrics.

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Facts about “Blank Space”

  • The song was written by Swift along with Swedish songwriters and music producers Shellback and Max Martin, both of whom also produced the song.
  • Swift released this hit on 10th November, 2014. It was released as the second single from Swift’s 5th studio album titled 1989.
  • “Blank Space” was so successful it topped the charts in several countries, including the United States. Upon dethroning Swift’s earlier single “Shake It Off” from the number one spot on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100, Swift made history by becoming the first female singer in the entire history of the Hot 100 to dethrone herself at the number one spot.
  • Over the years, the song has won several accolades, including an American Music Award in 2015 for Song of the Year and multiple MTV Awards. The song also received two nominations at the 58th Annual Grammy Awards in 2016.
  • The line in the lyrics of “Blank Space” in which Swift sings about having a long list of former lovers was initially misheard by many, including Swift’s own mother Andrea Swift. Many thought Swift sang the line “the lonely Starbucks lovers” when in actual fact she sang the line “Got a long list of ex-lovers”.
  • The phrase “blank space” appears approximately 3 times in the song’s lyrics.
  • Since the song’s release in 2014, it has been covered by a number of popular singers, including Ryan Adams.

Who directed the music video for “Blank Space”?

The visuals for “Blank Space” was directed by the famous Korean American music video director Joseph Kahn. The video went on to become one of the most viewed videos on YouTube.

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