“Text Book” by Lana Del Rey

Lana Del Rey’s “Text Book” is actually very similar to “Blue Banisters” (the song). On the latter, the overall sentiment expressed is influenced by the fact that the vocalist had found someone whom she believes she may be able to spend the rest of her life with. And on this particular song, it is a relationship of that nature which also takes center stage.

Verse 1

In the first verse we find Del Rey doing her thing, apparently expressing the same type of discontent with the big life that served as the central theme of her last album, “Chemtrails Over the Country Club”. And during the pre-chorus that follows, she lets it be more-explicitly known that she has serious issues as far as her personal happiness is concerned. But then came the addressee “standing blue with open arms”. And yes, dear reader, as far as how Lana has traditionally used the term, possessing the attribute of being “blue” is in fact a good thing.

And evidently, as revealed by the chorus, said addressee would be a romantic interest. In fact the vocalist likens him to her “daddy”, apparently as an analogy pointing to their compatibility. Indeed along those same lines, she actually wishes that her dad were around to see her and dude “in all (their) splendor”. And the singer perceives that she and the addressee are able to “rewrite history” so long as they are in unison (i.e. in love).

Verse 2

But by the time the second verse of the song rolls around, the story has changed. That is to say that the first half was set in the past and the second the present. And in the present, the two of them are no longer together. And Lana is wondering if it is possible for their relationship to be restored.

Primary Sentiment

But that does not change the primary sentiment of the entire piece.  In other words, it is still her love for him which is at the center of this narrative – her memories of the two of them being together and how he reminds the vocalist of her dad. 

But that stated, the outro implies that she is mature enough to know that she must move on “with or without him”. Yet and still, using circular reasoning it can be concluded that now she is single once again, not being able to find romantic contentment with anyone but the addressee, then the same depression which highlighted the beginning of the song will now start anew.

Meaning of “Text Book”

And as far as the title goes, saying that something is “textbook” basically means that it went as planned or conceptualized. And in this case, what Lana seems to be attributing that characteristic to is the featured romance. In other words, she was feeling down and just like that met the love of her life – like a fairytale, if you will. 

But now, after all has been said and done, she is experiencing the type of heartbreak that can only come from losing someone you truly love.

Lyrics for Lana Del Rey's "Text Book"

Facts about “Text Book”

“Text Book” is one of three new songs Lana Del Rey surprisingly released on 20 May 2021. The other two are entitled “Blue Banisters” and “Wildflower Wildfire“. 

And one of the reasons these tracks came as such a surprise is because Del Rey had released a completely-unrelated album some three months prior, that being “Chemtrails Over the Country Club”, which came out during mid-March of 2021. 

In fact the three aforementioned tunes serve as mutual co-lead singles from yet another 2021 Del Rey album. The said album is entitled “Blue Banisters”. And both of these 2021 albums are products of Polydor Records in conjunction with Interscope Records.

As with “Blue Banisters” (the song), “Text Book” was written by Lana Del Rey in conjunction with Gabe Simon. And Simon once again acted as a producer, though this time accomplishing that goal alongside Zach Dawes and Dean Reid.

Text Book

Black Lives Matter

During the chorus of this song, Lana namedrops the “Black Lives Matter” movement. And she has dealt with a social-media backlash in the aftermath of doing such, as quite a few netizens expressed sentiments ranging from shock to accusations of tastelessness and cultural appropriation in response. 

Lyrics of Lana's "Text Book"

And that is because Del Rey has actually said some things in the past which some people have deemed as racist. In fact in more recent times, she has made what some have deemed as a conscientious effort to counteract such accusations by associating herself more with non-White women. 

And to note Del Rey is not of Latino descent, as her stage name may suggest. Instead she traces her ancestry back to Scotland. And the Del Rey part of her moniker was actually inspired by an automobile called the Ford Del Rey (which itself is from Latin America, Brazil to be exact).

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