“That Part” by Lauren Spencer Smith

The lyrics of Lauren Spencer Smith’s “That Part” by Lauren Spencer Smith find the young narrator expressing a very passionate longing for commitment and a life together with her significant other (who is also apparently young).

Lauren is in a relationship with the addressee. And it appears that the relationship is at its early stages. From the first verse, we find out that they have been dating for just a year. However, she is beyond eager to take it to the next level, which involves a ton of beautiful things, including kids. It is beyond obvious that this next level Lauren is talking about is marriage. She is so eager to marry her lover and is hoping that he also eager to do the same.

And accordingly, in the pre-chorus, she sings about her eagerness to take his name.

“When you hold me
I see the end of a movie
Evеryone thinks that we’re crazy
And maybе we are
I hate the middle, let’s skip to the part
When you kiss me
Surrounded by friends and our family
Know we’re too young to get married
We knew from the start
I’m sick of waiting
So can we just skip to that part?”

The song’s chorus depicts Lauren’s impassioned and headstrong feeling of love. She feels so confident and assured in their love that she is ready to fast-forward through the usual process of dating, courtship, and engagement to head straight to a deeper commitment via marriage.

“When you hold me / I see the end of a movie”

We all know that the “end of a movie” is often associated with a happy and desired outcome. So for example, the end of a romantic movie would usually end in a fulfilling commitment.

“Everyone thinks that we’re crazy / And maybe we are”

The statements above clearly indicate that the people they know may see their rush towards a major commitment like marriage as irrational but Lauren isn’t denying that. She categorically acknowledges that there might be some truth what people say. However, that is not going to change the faith she has in her relationship with the addressee.

All in all, the lyrics of “That Part” express the burning desire of a young lady who is head over heels in love with her boyfriend to the point where wants to accelerated the relationship’s journey towards “that part” (i.e. a happy marriage).

That Part

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