“The Hare” by J.Fla

It can be taken that the narrator of “The Hare” is addressing a loved one, i.e. a person who’s life trajectory she is concerned about and vice versa. And that’s because in the lyrics, we find J.Fla comparing and contrasting her modus operandi with that of said individual. The implication is sort of like their lives are somehow connected, which is what is compelling her to do so to begin with.

The Hare

To note, Fla has given the implication that the reason this track is called “the hare” is because rabbit is one of her nicknames, or something like that. But more specifically in the case of this song, it can be gathered that the style of what’s being put forth was inspired by the famous fable, “the Tortoise and the Hare”.

That said, the only animal mentioned in the lyrics are fishes. And going back to the above-noted motif,  whom the vocalist is actually likening herself to in that equation would be the tortoise, not the hare. In other words, she prides herself ‘strolling’ through life, as in progressing at a “nice and gentle” pace.

But by contrast, what is also being inferred is that the addressee is opposite-minded. He or she is rather the type who likes to get to where they’re going and doing what they have to do ‘as fast as they can’. But under J.Fla’s estimation, behaving in such a manner steals some of the joy from living. 

Or put otherwise, a person can find themselves going through life so speedily that they are unable to fully appreciate “the happy moments” which materialize along the way. Furthermore, in the second pre-chorus, the songstress is apparently saying that sometimes a person can be moving so hastily that they get ahead of themselves and ultimately end up failing to achieve anything significant.


Reading in between the lines, it’s as if J.Fla is also encouraging us, the listeners, not to be like super-ambitious. Or rather, let’s say that to her, it isn’t as much about the destination as it is the journey. And as for the journey, it is meant to be savored instead of mindlessly or hurriedly ran through.

Lyrics to J.Fla's "The Hare"


Despite her youthful appearance, J.Fla is actually 35 years old as of the dropping of “The Hare” on 11 November 2022 and has been in the music game for over a decade. 

She made a name for herself by covering other, primarily Western artists and performed better than the average YouTube star. For instance, in 2018 she was one of the most successful independent YouTubers from South Korea. During that year, she garnered at least 10 million subscribers on YouTube.

And as of this writing, her channel is approaching the 18 million follower mark. Also just a couple of months before this track came out, J.Fla proceeded to launch her own label called Goodsen Entertainment.

Credits for “The Hare”

J.Fla wrote this song, and its producer is YongHan Kim.

The Hare

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