“OMG” by NewJeans

“OMG” is another one of those puppy-love kind of songs coming to us from NewJeans, a mid-teenagerish Korean girl group. The title, as you likely already know, is an acronym which stands for “oh my god”. Said expression is basically an exclamation, i.e. one that is uttered by a person who is surprised or extremely excited. And in this case, the individual (the vocalist) is making that expression within the context of her relationship with the addressee.

It’s pretty obvious the two of them are romantic interests, even though the lyrics don’t take it there per se. The singer does utilize terminology such as referring to herself as “a lucky girl”, i.e. firmly implying throughout that the addressee is her boyfriend. Relatedly the thesis sentiment, most simply interpreted, revolves around her being smitten by him.

But more to the point as far as the details are concerned is why she feels so to begin with. And that is because, by the looks of things, the addressee is also akin to being her best friend. That is not to say that he is the vocalist’s bestie in the truest sense of the word. But he’s the one who is unwaveringly available when she calls and of particular note when the singer needs someone to help mitigate her episodes of depression. Or put otherwise, not only does he truly care for her but is also effective at lifting her spirit.

The Takeaway

All of that said, the way the phrase “oh my god” is utilized in the chorus may leave something to be desired in terms of understandability as far as some listeners are concerned. But in this passage what it seems Hanni and the girls are putting forth, in addition to celebrating being in love, is the vocalist acknowledging that, due to the way the addressee treats her, falling for him was inevitable.

NewJeans' "OMG" Lyrics

Release Date of “OMG”

As of the release of “OMG”, NewJeans is a fresh act from South Korea, having just come out in mid-2022. Thus far they’ve dropped one EP as well as a “single album” (i.e. a standalone single with a B-side). “OMG” is actually the title track of the latter. And it was officially released on 2 January 2023 via ADOR, which is a subdivision of YG Entertainment.

This project proceeded to top the South Korean Albums Chart as well as the Japan Combined Singles listing. In addition to this, it peaked at number 2 on Japan’s Oricon singles chart proper. 


NewJeans’ debut EP (which is a self-titled effort), which was made public in August of 2022, also fared exceptionally well. As such, it is being predicted by some analysts that this act may well be the next big thing as far as the lucrative K-pop music scene is concerned.

NewJeans’ member Hanni had a hand in writing this song. The singer accomplished the task alongside Dawood, Ylva Dimberg, Gigi and the track’s producer, Jinsu Park. 

Also to note, there appears to be a number of music videos to this track, all of which were apparently directed by Wooseok Shin.


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