“Thriving” by Mary J. Blige (Ft. Nas)

This is an inspirational song which is centered on the artists “thriving” despite obstacles which may have come their way. Or put differently, their goal is not “just surviving” but actually excelling in the game of life, which within the context of this song mostly applies to putting negative situations permanently behind them and making money.

Thus Mary J. begins the track by pointing out that despite the fact she has “made history”, she is not content with her level of success.  And she alludes to the disappointments she experienced in life within the frame of them actually making her stronger, as “pressure” does “a diamond”. In fact it can be argued that the main theme of her lyrics in particular is a refusal to let frustrations have a lasting, depressing effect on her.

Meanwhile Nas’ verse follows along the same themes. He basically points to the progression of this career and challenges, both internal and external, he had to face in order to become the rap legend he is today. And as is his standard, he ends his section by encouraging the listener to “keep thriving”.

So overall what the artists are out to accomplish is not only highlighting the mentality they have adopted to overcome challenges and keep them focused on the future but to also inspire the listener along the same line, which is to always “thrive” for a better tomorrow.

Lyrics of "Thriving"

Facts about “Thriving”

  • “Thriving” was released on 8 May 2019 and on that same day premiered on the Beats 1 radio show of Ebro Darden.
  • Mary J. and Nas had assistance writing “Thriving” in the persons of Nova Wav (Blu June & Brittany Coney) and the track’s producer, DJ Camper.

Is this Blige’s first time working with Nas?

Nas has teamed up with Mary J. Blige a few times in the past, most notably on 1997’s “Love Is All We Need”.

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