“10k Hours” by Jhené Aiko (ft. Nas)

In “10k Hours”, Jhené Aiko is marveling over a specific aspect of many romantic relationships. And that is how two lovers can be so close and yet upon breaking not even communicate with each other anymore. But despite growing apart from her ex, he is someone whom she still misses. Indeed the title of this song alludes to the idea that even after them spending “10,000 hours” apart, she still “cannot let go” of her love for him. 

Meanwhile Nas flips the narrative on a more-positive note. Yes, he and the woman he loves had broken up, as Aiko has already established. However, they remained in contact, on a platonic level, afterwards. And eventually they do get back together and even marry. 

So there are two storylines operating in this song, both of them being based on a tumultuous romantic relationship. In Nas’s case the situation concludes with a happy, fairytale-like ending. However, as for Jhené, she is hoping that her ex still realizes she loves him despite the two of them going their separate ways.

Facts about “10K Hours”

“10K Hours” marks the first collaboration between Def Jam Records’ label-mates Nas and Jhené Aiko. And the two vocalists wrote the song along with the track’s producer, Lejkeys.

Def Jam Records put this song on 6 March 2020 as part of Aiko’s album entitled “Chilombo”.

For the record “10,000 hours” is actually equal to a little over a year, as in 417 days.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    This song is actually about her brother..

  2. Anonymous says:

    You do realize she’s talking about the death of her heart, right? As in the person she loved most has died.

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