“Ultra Black” by Nas (ft. Hit-Boy)

Going “Ultra Black” in the context of this song involves being proud of one’s blackness, while advocating for the growth, success and improvement in the lives of black people.

Nas, in the first verse, highlights how several different music genres were influenced by black musicians. He goes on to delve into the diversity of blacks in terms of their color, lifestyles, and ideologies. The rapper plays with various elements including referencing comedy shows, soap, movies, models and how black people have contributed in making those industries great today.

Central Theme of “Ultra Black”

The central message of the song is that of acknowledging the beauty of being black instead of associating it with bad things. The rapper concludes the track by claiming that to him everyone is black. This apparently promotes the view that humans originated from Africa.

“We goin’ ultra black”

“Ultra Black” Particulars

Writing: Nas together with Hit-Boy
Production: Hit-Boy alongside A. Anthem and Corbett
Album/EP: From the thirteenth album of Nas’ career titled, “King’s Disease”
Release: August the 14th of 2020

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