“Tranz” by Gorillaz

“Tranz” is a song by the Grammy Award winning English virtual band Gorillaz. The song starts by telling the listener to oscillate themself and “assimilate the dopamine” moving through their head.

You can view the lyrics, alternate interprations and sheet music for Gorillaz's Tranz at Lyrics.org.

Lyrically, the song appears to be talking about going into a trance, thus the title “tranz”. While not totally sure, we strongly suspect the term “tranz” is referring to the word “trance”.


Lyrics of "Tranz" by Gorillaz

Facts about “Tranz”

  • The song was written by Damon Albarn (the co-creator and vocalist of Gorillaz). British musicians Remi Kabaka Jr. and James Ford are also credited as writers on this track. Remi is a music producer and percussionist best known for being the voice of Russel Hobbs, the fictional musician and drummer for Gorillaz. Ford is famous for being one half of the electronic music duo Simian Mobile Disco. He is also known for producing songs for bands such as Depeche Mode and the Arctic Monkeys.
  • “Tranz” was produced by all three men (Albarn, Kabaka and Ford) who wrote it.
  • The song was released on 29th June, 2018. It is the second track from the band’s sixth album titled The Now Now.
  • The word “tranz” doesn’t appear even once in the entire song.
  • The official music video of “Tranz” was published on the band’s official YouTube channel on September 12, 2018. In the video, fans get to see for the first time all members of the band playing together as a band.
  • Jamie Hewlett (co-creator of Gorillaz) and music video/commercials director Nicos Livesey directed the video.


In the clip, band members Russel Hobbs, 2-D, Ace and Noodle appear. However, Murdoc Niccals is missing. According to the band, Murdoc has been replaced by Ace because he is in jail.


Was this track released as a single?

Yes. This track is the sixth song from the album The Now Now released as a single.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Jolly good show mate

  2. 66/3 says:

    Rock yourself back and forth in bed tonight and fully process the thoughts passing through your head?

  3. Anonymous says:


  4. Anonymous says:

    Lol that sux

  5. Bob the Builder says:

    Poor subject-verb agreement: “According to the band, Murdoc has been replaced by Ace because he is in jail” sounds like Ace is the one in jail, rather than Murdoc.

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