“Strange Timez” by Gorillaz (ft. Robert Smith)

The title of this song (“Strange Timez”) seemingly alludes to the idea that this current era, i.e. 2020, is a “strange time to be alive”. That is to say that many extraordinary events transpired during 2020, i.e. the year in which this song was released. And that is more or less the concept upon which the highly-metaphorical verses are based. Also there appears to be a slight anarchist tone embedded in the first verse, as in the singer not having much faith in our leaders to guide us through these times.

You can view the lyrics, alternate interprations and sheet music for Gorillaz and Robert Smith's Strange Timez at Lyrics.org.

Facts about “Strange Timez”

This serves as not only the first song on the playlist of – but also sort of the title track of the project it is featured on, “Song Machine: Season One – Strange Timez”. 

On 9 September 2020, “Strange Timez” became the seventh single released from said album. And the company that put it out is Parlophone Records.

Strange Timez was composed by the Gorillaz’s Damon Albarn and Remi Kabaka Jr. alongside their collaborator, Robert Smith of a British band known as The Cure. And the entire Gorillaz unit, with special credit being given to Remi produced the tune with R. Smith.

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