“Way Out” by Jack Harlow (ft. Big Sean)

Jack Harlow and Big Sean’s “Way Out” is purely braggadocious in nature. And what it primarily centers on is the vocalists’ exploits with women. Harlow also drops quite a few lines alluding to the idea that he is well-paid. And in terms of the title, it’s a bit challenging, considering the way it’s used in the chorus, to ascertain its exact meaning.  But apparently it points to one’s aspiration towards upward social mobility, i.e. “looking for a way out” of their current situation. And the way Harlow paints the scene is that since he has already made it, others who are still trying to step up in the game have developed a hatred for him.

The three producers of this track, Heavy Mellow, Japser Harris and Jetsonmade, also co-wrote the song alongside the two vocalists.

The release of this track was a collaborative effort between labels Atlantic Records and Generation Now. And they made “Way Out” public on 9 December 2020, serving as the second single from Harlow’s first full-length, “That’s What They All Say”.

This is the first collaboration Harlow and Sean. And according to Harlow, Sean dropped his verse while Jack was visiting “his crib in L.A.” and did so with “no [sound] booth”.  Harlow also went on to describe Sean as a nice rapper. He actually described him as one of the nicest in the games.

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