“We’ll Be Back” by Megadeth 

It’s safe to say that some listeners may assume that the lyrics of Megadeth’s “We’ll Be Back”, which are violent through and through, are metaphorical. But the wording is so consistently hostile and for the most part simple that it’s impossible to imagine that they can have a hidden meaning. 

Let’s just say that rappers aren’t the only ones who are prone to drop music about killing opps. For it’s obvious, number one, that the addressee is someone the vocalist hates and, number two and most pointedly, intends to kill. Indeed, practically all of the wording is dedicated to expressing the former sentiment or brutally detailing how the latter will be carried out. 

And it is established that the addressee is an opp of the vocalist. We are sure of this because from the very first line it is stated that this whole tirade is based on the singer ‘exacting his revenge’. Furthermore, his victim is forthrightly identified as an “enemy” shortly thereafter. So for listeners who may be concerned about violent content being relayed by mainstream artists like Megadeth, well, at least we can say that they aren’t espousing random violence.

But that noted, they definitely aren’t the forgive-and-forget types either, nor do they necessarily seem to be out to intimidate potential opps. Instead the vocalist is establishing that he is indeed a bad dude. And for those who do have beef with him, they are being told that bloody and merciless vengeance is inevitable, even being bound to occur when they least expect it.

Megadeth's "We'll Be Back" Lyrics

Magadeth and “We’ll Be Back”

Megadeth is a heavy metal band that has been out seemingly since time immemorial. Their maiden album (“Killing Is My Business… and Business Is Good!”) came out in 1985. 

“We’ll Be Back” was officially made public by Universal Music on 23 June 2022. It serves as the lead single from their 16th studio album. The said album is titled “The Sick, the Dying… and the Dead!”.

Megadeth is currently four-members’ deep. However, only three of them participated on the aforenoted album. They are:

  • vocalist Dave Mustaine
  • lead guitarist Kiko Loureiro
  • Dirk Verbeuren (who holds down the drumming responsibilities)

In 2021, the band’s longtime bassist, David Ellefson, was excommunicated from the fold. This was as a result of a sex scandal he was entangled in, which resulted in a major controversy. Owing to this, all his bass contributions throughout “The Sick, the Dying… and the Dead!” were removed. Steve Di Giorgio, who is a well-tenured bassist replayed the the bass parts on the album.

Mustaine wrote “We’ll Be Back” with Loureiro. Mustaine also produced it with non-band member Chris Rakestraw.

We'll Be Back

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