Soen’s “Purpose” Lyrics Meaning

“Purpose” features the type of intricate wordplay that heavy metal musicians like Soen are known for. Even if a song has a discernible message, as in the case of this one, heavy metalists aren’t the types to present such forthrightly. Instead what are otherwise simple-to-understand concepts must be shrouded behind heavy language, presumably as the genre dictates.

Lyrics of “Purpose”

And in the sake of making sense out of this piece, we will proceed under the assumption that the addressee is a romantic interest of the vocalist’s. Such is not explicitly stated in the lyrics. But the overall ambiguity of the wording dictates that some liberties must be taken on the part of the interpreter in the name of pursuing an accurate interpretation. 

And truthfully even from the first verse, the addressee reads like a romantic partner or some loved one of the singer’s whom he is in a tumultuous relationship with.

And all Purpose‘s lyrics considered, what it looks like is as if the relationship between the vocalist and addressee is on the verge of dissolution. It would seem that initially, the narrator himself tried to fight this reality. 

Such is apparently the concept which the titular term, as utilized in the bridge, alludes to. Put simply, the singer is using his own imagination to find a viable “purpose” in all of the reasons his partner put forth in the name of drifting further apart. But as time progressed, he has decided to give the addressee the freedom she evidently desires.

So putting this narrative more into layman’s terms, it reads as so. The narrator has sensed for some time now that his girlfriend wants to break up. She however is not apparently the type to just say something like that outright or what have you. However, her discontent is most notably manifested through violent arguments. At first, the singer pushed all of this to the back of his mind. But now he has finally reached the point where he is willing to just let her go.

The Conclusion

So underneath all of the fluff, if you will, this is a breakup song. And the vocalist is depicted as the victim, having been de fact dumped or more specifically no longer wanting to cling onto a partner whom he has deemed is not interested in him any longer.

Lyrics to Soen's "Purpose"

Who are Soen?

Soen, an outfit from Sweden that specializes in rock metal music, is a supergroup. This means that its members are also part of other bands. The lineup of crew when this track was dropped consisted of the following artists:

  • Joe Ekelof (from a band called Willowtree)
  • Steve Di Giorgio (via Sadus and Testament)
  • Martin Lopez (Opeth)
  • Joakim Platbarzdis

Release Date of “Purpose”

And this track is from Soen’s debut album, a product of Spinefarm Records entitled “Cognitive”.


The entirety of Soen is credited as the writer of this song, with its producer being the aforementioned Platbarzdis.


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