“What Happens in a Small Town” by Brantley Gilbert (ft. Lindsay Ell)

In “What Happens in a Small Town”, the singers are lamenting their inability to get over their ex-lover. This is because they live “in a small town”. So even though they may not run into their ex physically, every location, from the church to the neighborhood football field, reminds them of their ex. Indeed even the ‘back roads’ themselves cause an onslaught of memories. 

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It is because it is at these same locations they spent memorable moments together. And being that it is indeed a small town, traversing certain areas is inescapable. In fact even activities, such as enjoying a drink at the bar, has the same effect. Yet despite this reality, they conclude the song by insisting that they have no intent of relocating. 

So one way of interpreting this song is as the vocalists still being in love with someone they have already broken up with. And due to the heartbreak they are suffering, they are keeping themselves available just in case their ex decides to rekindle the romance.

Lyrics of "What Happens in a Small Town"

Facts about “What Happens in a Small Town”

“What Happens in a Small Town” was very successful as a country song, topping Billboard’s Country Airplay chart as well as appearing on the Hot 100 and its Hot Country Songs listing.

The track was also nominated for a Country Music Award, and it marks the first time Lindsay Ell, a Canadian singer, scored a number one in America.

The songwriting team behind “What Happens in a Small Town” consists of Brantley Gilbert along with the following:

  • Rhett Atkins
  • Brock Berryhill
  • Josh Dunne

Lindsay played no role in the composition of this track. And the producer of of the track is Dann Huff.

Valory Music, an imprint of Big Machine Records, released “What Happens in a Small Town” on the 14th of December 2018. And it is featured on Brantley Gilbert’s 2019 album titled “Fire & Brimstone”.

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