“Whats Poppin” by Jack Harlow

This track reads like a braggadocio song which is intended primarily to showcase Jack Harlow’s lyrical skills. But honestly he doesn’t particularly come off as being cocky except in regards to his stated ability to use ladies.  And overall it seems as if he interacts regularly with a lot of different women. 

But outside of that he basically portrays himself as a cool dude who enjoys hanging out with his homies. Moreover he appears to be very health-conscious, i.e. being concerned about detoxifying his body. And of course he’s paid, but he doesn’t harp on that particular subject too much. Rather generally speaking let’s say he considers himself as someone with a noticeable “swag” that the public may not have yet picked up on. And the term ‘what’s popping’ is equivalent to ‘what going on?’ 

So this track is also like an introductory song, one in which Jack Harlow sets out to present himself to a segment of the public which up to this point was perhaps unaware of his presence.

Lyrics of "Whats Poppin"

Did Jack Harlow write “Whats Poppin”?

Yes. “Whats Poppin” was written by Jack Harlow. The track was produced by Pooh Beatz and JetsonMade.

Release Date

Harlow officially released “Whats Poppin” on the 21st of January 2020.

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