“Moana” by G-Eazy & Jack Harlow

“Moana” continues the recent trend of rap musicians referencing Disney characters, though in regards to the sensual relationships of the artist. In this case, in the chorus, Jack Harlow mentions that he has a girlfriend who “look(s) like Moana”. Accordingly she is from the Oceanic island country of Samoa, which is meant to allude to the idea that he has exotical lady friends. Or another way of looking at it is that he has access to romantic partners from different parts of the globe. 

And along those lines, the overall theme of the track is more or less the sensual adventures of the artists. And in that regard, they let it be known that they are indeed womanizers if you will. And on top of that, they have the ability to enjoy different women in various, exciting settings, complete with nods to getting high or intoxicated in the process. So in summation, we can say that this is a party song with a special emphasis on hooking up with ladies.

Quick Facts about “Moana”

“Moana” was written by California-based G-Eazy and Kentucky native Jack Harlow, marking the first time they have collaborated.

And the producer of the track, Zaytoven, is also from Cali.

“Moana” was released by RCA Records, as a standalone single, on 29 April 2020.

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